Almaguin Building Movers
Phone Number                                 705-636-5008
Lifting and Relocation of Buildings
75 A Balsam Drive
Kearney, Ontario
P0A 1M0

Burke’s Plumbing
Contact:                               Graham Burke
Phone Number:                               705-636-0424
Quality is my business!  Fully licensed and insured
Cell Phone #:                     705-380-0917

Dawn to Dusk Enterpriser

Contact:                               Dan Lord
Phone Number                      (705) 636-0945
Painting, Staining (Interior/Exterior),
Small Renos, Fencing, Yard Maintenance

Gary Groome Contracting
Phone Number:                               705-636-7764
927 Echo Ridge Road
Kearney, Ontario
P0A 1M0

Gord’s Excavating
Contact:                               Gord O’Hara
Phone #:                              705-636-7671
66 Rock Point Rd.
Kearney, Ontario
P0A 1M0
J. Fetterley Haulage
Contact:                               Gary Pateman
Phone Number                 705-636-5375
1770 Hwy 518 E
Kearney, Ontario
P0A 1M0

Northern Cottage Care
Contact:                               Scott Ferrier
Phone Number                 705-636-7117

Peter Diernegger Contracting
Phone Number:                               705-636-5317

Richard’s Contracting
Phone Number                 705-636-1905

Rick Ferrante & Sons Contracting
Phone Number                 705-636-7885
175 12th Concession Road

ClayMar Electric

197 Little Falls Rd.
Sprucedale, Ontario
Call (705) 380-1233
Call (705) 636-7272